Friday, March 13, 2009

About us and our build choice

Hi everyone we are mark and martin and are planning to buld a wisdom home at springfarm in camden. We have now settled on our land at spring farm and the land is registered so its full steam ahead.

We found that picking a building company and house plan alot harder then we thought, We looked at every display village from south coast to north coast. We narrowed it down to 3 builders and started to focus the choice on them. Wisdom,eden brae and urbanstyle. Eden brae floor plans were ok but feel there is alot of wasted areas within the floor plan, as for urban floor plans good but unsure of their finishes after looking at a house in the building stage. So WISDOM it was, we have done alot of reserech on wisdom as far as knocking on peoples doors to ask how their build was.

I have posted a floor plan of the house we are building, This house is not on display anywhere at this time.We wanted a large house but only a single level i think the floor plan works well and suits our lifesytle but alittle unsure without seeing it on display.

We are at the planning stage with wisdom now waiting for drawings and contract to be reviewed, will keep update whenever we have new news. please ask any questions and leave advise if you have any :)

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