Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tile appointment completed today!

Hi everyone just a few pics from our tile selection today, I just hope our choice's work as they dont give alot of advise...When you ask what they think their answer is it's a personal thing depends what you like!!

Bathroom's = Black wall tiles,floor tiles and feature tile.(black grouting)

toilet = black wall and floor titles.(black grouting)

living area's = grey tile same tile on porch


  1. Ohhhh I think they will look fantastic. Is the grey tile the one that is the same one on the floors at The Ponds Impression?

  2. The living tile is in the standard range and size (trying to control cost) :)
    code is DC1443

    We are spending the $$$ in the bathroom's(bathrooms and kitchens sell houses) so spend the $$$ in these rooms

  3. I think thats what we will do. I plan on ripping the living areas up in the future to put a timber floor down, no point upgrading there.