Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Progress update on build

Hi Everyone,
Just a update of the progress this week, sorry no pics at the moment will try and post some tomorrow. We went out on sunday and not alot was completed last week, but this week it's a different story. Monday all doors were hung,skirting and architraves completed, tuesday water proofing completed and then today the kitchen was getting installed. We will get some pics tomorrow and i will post them soon :)

I hope this speed keeps up!

We do have a problem with the bricks, there is a white build up all over the bricks i have to call our SS tomorrow and have a chat with him.


  1. HI,, your house is looking fantastic. My husband and I are in the early stages (contract and external colour choices) of Building the Sorrento SOL. We were riffling thru the colours ie bricks, roof tiles etc and was all too I love your brick and roof choices. Can I ask whats the name of the external colours you both chose.
    I look forward to seeing more pics of your house and am getting sooo excited on builidng Regards May

  2. Hi May,
    OMG i remember our colour selection appointments they were a nightmare for us. We were not really happy with the meetings and we didnt want our house to look like the show homes.

    All the colours were our choice we not alot of help so we are happy with how it has come out so far.

    The bricks are Austral urban one range (pepper)

    roof tiles are classic gun metal

    If you need any more info on colours ask away i love it :)

  3. Hi, I am just starting to build with wisdom too and just picked our floor tiles today. What colour tiles did you choose as I think we may have picked the same.....hoping so cause they look really good:) Did you also use the same tiles for the outside?

    Thanks Mel!