Sunday, April 18, 2010

pool is finished at last.

Our pool is at last finished to bad it is to cold to swim now, but i did go in today even tho it wasnt hot enough to go for a swim today... it took our pool builder( jackson pools) as long as it did for wisdom to build our house... Our contact was 6-8 weeks and it took 22 weeks :( oh well it's finished now...


  1. this looks amazing - I know what you mean about cold, I would go for a heater these days!!!

  2. what are the specs for your yard and the pool? it looks great and i'm guessing fairly narrow but it's so difficult to predict what can be fit into these new suburbs backyards

  3. we are 1m from the fence and 1m from the house..
    but can go as close as 600mm in camden area.

    So we had 6m from fence to the house.

  4. a very nice pool and so similar to what we had in mind but ended up not doing because of the rising costs. gum trees = better filters etc. grr

    hope its had plenty of use this summer.

  5. It looks great! I am looking at getting something similar when we build our new home. Could you tell me what the total cost of the pool was?

  6. Looking good for your backyard so far, my friend! Nice idea - it's like an outdoor spa. This is all worth the wait!

    Ebony Annand